About Us

We operate a number of websites related to selling online via both drop shipping and wholesale. One such site is a free drop ship directory. While Drop Ship Sites has enjoyed great success offering free sources for drop shipped products, the website offers no assistance in setting up a webstore, determining which drop ship products to sell, or any other issues pertinent to those in the business. This is something that has been asked for time and again by our customers.

We first looked at adding more content to Drop Ship Sites, but quickly realized that this would not fit in with the theme of the site. We then explored the possibility of creating a new site catering to the needs of both newbie and veteran dropshippers alike and discovered that there were already a few sites doing exactly that. These existing sites had already been around for a number of years and had built quite a database of sources and information. So rather than attempting to reinvent the wheel it was decided that the best course of action would be to help our customers determine which company would suit their needs the best. Hence Drop Ship Venues was born.

It has been a long road developing this site and we learned quite a bit along the way. We hope you gain some useful information from it as well.

Best of luck in all of your dropshipping venues.