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Review of Salehoo

salehoo is drop shipping

What We Like:

  • * over 5,000 drop shippers, wholesalers, liquidators and importers
  • * lifetime membership at an affordable price
  • * top notch customer support via email and user forums
  • * internally tested and independently reviewed products and suppliers

What to be Aware of:

  • * Does not offer an ecommerce store solution
  • * Must deal with individual suppliers

Our Recommendation:Excellent customer support and an affordable Lifetime Membership make Salehoo our top choice.

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About Salehoo

Salehoo is an online directory of over 5,000 liquidators, importers, wholesalers and, of course, drop shippers. While our preferred method of product fulfillment is drop shipping, should your business expand to a level where warehousing your own products becomes viable solution, Salehoo will be there to help. By offering such a vast array of sources Salehoo will be the only directory you will ever need.

Products and Suppliers

With over 5,000 suppliers in over 150 categories you are sure to find the products that you are looking for. The supplier database is updated on a daily basis so you are constantly aware of new vendors.

In order to ensure the quality and reliablility of their sources, Salehoo not only maintains contact thier suppliers they also randomly purchase and test products from them. In addition to those provided by Salehoo, reviews are also available from members and select eBay Powersellers. This allows for a more informed evaluation of a drop shipper's service and products.

If you cannot find a particular product Salehoo states that they will find it for you. This seemed like an unbelievable claim, but after putting in a request for poker set suppliers with their support department I recieved a hand compiled list within a day.

With this directory you get access to hard to find asian sources from countries such as China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. With the low price of asian goods this allows for greater profit margins.

BBB Accreditation and Others

Salehoo has been a member of the Better Business Bureau since June of 2006 and have a BB rating. This is a very high rating emphasizing good business-customer relations and excellent customer support. I have provided a link to the BBB page below.

In addition to be a member in good standing of the BBB, Salehoo is also a member of the Better Internet Bureau and the Fair Trade Authority. While I do not know much about the Better Internet Bureau, the Fair Trade Authority

Ebay Certifications

Salehoo is a member of the Ebay Developers Program and has developed a very useful research tool for it's members. The Research and Analysis Lab is a market research tool that will determine the profitability of a product on eBay. To use the tool you simply enter the name or brand of a product and a profitability percentage will be returned based on current prices, competition and demand.

Salehoo also offers two software tools. One is a free program called Salehoo Alert that searches eBay and provides alerts of available wholesale lots. The second is a program called Auction Inspector that assists in finding profitable niche products to sell on eBay.

Customer Support

Customer support is a large part of Salehoo's business model. Support is offered through direct contact with company employess through email and an extensive FAQ. There is also a very active community forum with over 50,000 users.

Additional Resources

The best way to improve your business is through education and Salehoo is no slouch here. Articles and eBooks covering areas such as finding and sourcing products, importing, scam prevention, setting up a business and selling on ebay are offered to it's members free of charge.

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